Power Hour: Level up your socials in an hour!

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When we are immersed in the day to day running of our business, it can be difficult to think objectively about what is and isn’t working. It can be tricky to see how you can improve what you’re currently doing. It can be exhausting trying to muster up new ideas! Sometimes all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes to look over your content to get those creative juices flowing again. This is how I help in a Power hour!

A Power Hour is a 60-minute video call with me via Zoom where we can screen share and I will point you in the right direction to leverage your social media. Before the call, I will spend time planning our hour based on the information you will give me in a discovery form. This is to ensure that you can get as much juicy inspiration from the hour as possible!

Maybe you need help finding your target audience, developing your brand’s message or creating new content. Perhaps you’re struggling how to create paid ads, resize and optimise your images or understand your analytics.

Here’s what Mim Robson had to say after her Power Hour…

Woah woah woah!!! Just had a “Power Hour” chat with Sam Mason from Digital Tapas. I’ve got some exciting things coming up with Keeping it Crafty over the next year. I had got my brain in a knot about how to do my social media and branding around it. Huge thanks to Sam for totally un-knotting my brain (and reducing earlier mentioned overwhelm!!) I would totally recommend this to anyone running their own business or working for themselves. If you’re in need of some advice/ insight/tips to get around hurdles or make the most of social media etc, then this is what you need!

Power Hours are available to book now! 1 hour – £99 2 hours – £149

To book your Power Hour please get in touch here